KOBRA gives two years of warranty according to the danish sales of goods act, extensive manufacturings and material mistakes found under the normally use of the product. 
The warranty does not cover mistakes, damages or abrasion direct or indirect caused by wrong handling, pore maintenance, violence or unauthorized operations. Complains about mistakes or defects must be communicated to KOBRA within a reasonable time. The product can now be returned for repair, exchanges or by appointment if necessary crediting. In connection to complaints KOBRA keeps the returns costs in at a fair level.

Warranty on gold plated jewelry:
We have 3 months warranty on gold plated jewelry. It is very individual for how long the gold lasts. It depends on how much you wear the jewelry and how good you are to care the jewelry. In addition, we are all built differently and some people have more "acid" in the skin, which makes the gold wear faster - or where silver jewelery becomes black.
Therefore, read our advice on jewelry care, and your jewelry will stay pretty longer :)


Complains and product returns
If you experience any mistakes or damage when you receives your order, please contact:    
Gisselfeldvej 6
2665 Vallensbæk Strand

Product returning needs to be shipped to this address - please note that be can not receive COD packages. Returning can also be done by refuse receiving or deliver the package personal to us. It is to a requarement, but the expedition will be enhanced if adequate informations are included in the package, for example a copy of the order number, registration number and account number from where reimbursement can take place, copy of potential prior conversation ect.

In case of agreed discounts, returned goods or prepaid products as canceled before shipment, there must be a full or partial refund of the purchase price. Repayment is usually always by bank transfer and KOBRA therefore need information on registration and account number for your bank account. This information is not sensitive and can easily be informed by. email or other traditional correspondence form