KOBRA is a small danish jewelry company created in 2007, in KOBRA the way from idea to action is very short. 

We are specialized in personal jewelry, there are many ways for you to shape your own jewelry for example by designing it by your self or get it engraved with your own text.

KOBRA's collection includes everything from classic silver necklaces to trendy new jewelry designs and exclusive leather bags - all with the opportunity of personal engraving.

We make new designs all the time, and we LOVE it!

At KOBRA the customer is always in focus and every order is important. We makes an effort for a nice wrapping, beautiful engraving and for being welcoming if you have special wishes for your jewelry. 
Furthermore do we have very fast delivery, most time from day to day, even if your jewelry needs to be engraved.


Have a look on the website, and let KOBRA inspirer and introduce you to a wonderful world of personal jewelry.

Kobra – your personal jeweler online!