If your order from KOBRA does not live up to your expectations you can return within the first 30 days. At returning the jewelry must not have been used or damaged. The returning process is under buyers responsibility.
When ordering a special custom made jewelry, including personal engraved jewelry, the customer consents to when the manufacturing begins the right of cancellation discontinues.

You can return your order to the following address:
Gisselfeldvej 6
2665 Vallensbæk Strand

Remember to enclose informations about name, address and order number when returning a product. Your payment will then be transformed back to the account where the payment in the first place came from.


Please print this return note. It will help us to identify and help you faster.

Generel informations:
All of the products are covered of the danish sales of goods acts two years warranty on fabric and material mistakes.
All of KOBRA's products are included 25% VAT.

We gives 30 days of return counting from the day the buyer receives the order. If you wants to return your order, you will just have to return it in the same condition and quantity that you received it in. When the product is received and confirmed by KOBRA, the payment will be returned to your account within a few days. The costs of the returning are being payed buy the costumer.