Get your jewelry with engraving - for example, your own name or girlfriend's name? Or what about a sweet message to your friend?

Kobra offers personalized jewelry engraving on many of the different accessories.

What is the price of engraving?
The price includes engraving (on the jewelery that can be engraved)

Where can i tell what I want engraved?
All you need to do is to write it in the comment box below the product. For exapmle: "frontside = Lucca, backside = my beloved daughter"

How much space is there for engraving?  
There are no limit for how much text we can engrave. But you need to remember that the more text you want, the smaller do we need to make it.

Is it possible to engrave anything else than text?
Yes. we also offer to engrave for example a heart, star or another symbol. Please contact us if you have any other wishes for special engraving. 

Is it more expensive if i want a longer text?
No, you do not pay more for a longer text. At KOBRA do you pay per engraving per side, meaning that for example at a medallion is a engraving either on the front or the back side.    

Do I have to wait longer if i want my jewelry engraved?
No. We engrave from day to day which means that it does not delay your order, on less there are special wishes.

Do you engraved my own drawing?
Yes, often we can easily engrave your own drawing. Simply send it to design@kobra.dk -
Engraving of own drawings cost 20 euro approximately

Customize your accessories - get them personally engraved
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