Cleaning and care of jewelry


Good jewelry can last for many decades if you take care of them. It is important to take them off when you are bathing or sleeping so that they do not lose their shine and coating. Additionally, it's very easy to clean your jewelry yourself.


When cleaning jewelry, you will find that they are shining like new ones. Jewelry attracts dirt when you are in contact with bacteria, water and wind in everyday life. For example, silver jewelery becomes a bit darker over time because they come into contact with the sulfur that is in the air. However, a part of it can be removed if you sometimes take some time to clean them.


It is important to note that different materials require different types of care. Cleaning of gold jewelry and cleaning of silver jewelery is relatively easy because the materials are of such good quality. They are cleaned in warm water with a little ammonia or dishwashing liquid. You can use an old toothbrush or a soft sponge to gently cleanse the dirt. Rinse in warm water and see the process from dirty to shiny jewelery.

When it comes to jewelry with gems - such as opals and pearls - one must remember that they do not tolerate hard chemicals as it makes them dull in the surface. These can instead be washed in lukewarm water. In addition, jewelry with enamel must be handled very carefully. Carefully clean with a soft damp cloth.

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